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With professional development platform Xposure, artists can now experience personalized music industry feedback and engage in real industry mentorship opportunities, like never before. Aspiring musicians receive personalized attention and constructive comments on their submitted tracks, directly from vetted music industry professionals and connections made through the online platform. In turn, ...

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Peyton Womock
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Xposure Makes the Music Industry More Accessible For Independent Artists

Xposure Music has turned the emerging artist’s never-ending hustle into a streamlined and productive experience that gives all involved parties access to what they truly need. Xposure has opened the platform to all interested musicians, with an impressive roster of vetted pros searching for a platform to give valuable feedback. Artists will find pros from major labels like Capitol Records, RCA Records, BMG, Atlantic Records, Universal Music Group, and Sony Music, Motown, Internet Money, Roc Nation and more.

Aspiring artists are hungry, and send their music anywhere and everywhere they think could be fruitful in kick starting their career. With an influx of inquiries and no great way to filter through these requests, artists get lost in the shuffle. Xposure solves this problem. Backed by strategic investors from the music and entertainment space, Xposure unlocks access to top music industry professionals. 

“I want to find the next superstar, listen to more artists, and help kickstart artist journeys,” says Polo Molina, founder of Grassroots Music and manager of the Black Eyed Peas. “Xposure has the tools to do just that. Without Xposure, streamlining the listening and discovery of new artists’ music has been a difficult process. We receive thousands of DMs and emails, with Xposure, it's easy and enjoyable for my team and I to filter through and listen to these talented artists.”

Aspiring musicians can now easily send their music directly to industry pros. All artists can submit music for free, direct to the pro of their choosing, with Xposure’s Free Submission. They can also ensure feedback by booking a 1-on-1 Video Call with a pro, or submit their music for Guaranteed Feedback to receive genuine and productive feedback within 7 days. Pros can filter through emerging artists and their musical submissions, providing filters by genre, status of release, and type of track submitted.

“In streamlining the feedback and discovery experience for the artist, we are also making the interaction easier for executives, with the help of integrations with Chartmetric and Spotify. These are industry leaders deep in the music ecosystem, who are excited about building relationships with the next generation of artists,” says Gregory Walfish, co-founder of Xposure. “It's so rewarding to witness the positive interactions happening on the platform already. We're truly building the future of music industry access, and there's nothing more exciting than seeing these connections take place in our Xposure ecosystem,” added Ryan Garber, co-founder of Xposure.

Professionals from all major record labels are available on the platform, as well as other professionals from marketing agencies and social media platforms.  Pro involvement has doubled since Xposure’s initial launch, and now includes the artist management teams behind Black Eyed Peas, Lil Nas X, R3HAB and more.

“I was completely blown away when I received messages back from professionals, I wasn’t expecting real advice and insight,” says Shania, an artist blending 90s/2000s R&B with Caribbean influence, who received meaningful feedback from executives at Roc Nation, through the Xposure platform. “Before Xposure, I was struggling with my confidence, my journey had a rocky start. I was super critical and anxious. Through Xposure, I found a community"